About me


Lectures from the catalan painter Antoni Granja Llobet. 2004 - 2014

Postgraduate studies in Illustration (Escola BAU, Barcelona). 2011

Drawing course by Marta Marugan (Escola Massana, Barcelona). 2011

Illustration Book course by Rafa Castañer (Barcelona). 2010

Courses at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts of Salzburg:

+ Introduction to Abstract painting by Rebeca Morris (NYC). 2010

+ Collage by Yi Chen (NYC) and Gerlind Zeilner (Wien). 2009

+ Street Painting by Monika Baer (Berlin). 2009


Cristina Castañeda is a self taught artist from Barcelona (Spain). 

She started painting and creating as a child, becoming her favorite games and entertainment. Specially during holidays in the family's country's side house, she would spend hours playing with charcoals, acrylics and building little monsters with the raw clay grabbed directly from the mountains. Maybe that's the main reason why she still loves playing with materials and creating textures on her paintings. 

After several years developing a career in business, in parallel to her artistic growth, a life-changing experience reoriented Cristina's attention to a self development and spiritual path, which has also been reflected in her latest years of painting.



My work is not about politics, economics, science, religion or history.

My work is about the experience as an individual in a world where spirituality has been ripped of human nature.


As like many other people of my generation, I grow up with an education forged by the rules of capitalism. Technology, consumerism, urban lifestyle, banks, politics, internet revolution.

Experiencing adult's life has been a very challenging experience to me.


As Caroline Myss writes on her book “Anatomy of the spirit”, the creative energy is essentially physical, earthly, it is connected to earth. It is the feeling of being physically alive. This energy draws us into an inner dialogue with the polarities of our inner self, our inclinations towards conflict. Habit is a hell to which people cling in order to stem the tide of change.


Blocking the creative energy prevents us to evolve from a spiritual point of view; we feel concerns to grow, learn and discover, suffering existential crisis. Letting us feel the creative energy allows to continue to shape our lives, to reveal more about why things happen as they do.


Through my painting, I'm challenging myself to unblock the creative process, by observing and representing urban life as a structured routine, with full potential of growing within a large community. Versus the nostalgia and isolation, individualism and lack of human touch, fears, insecurities and the impossibility of our generation to find out a lifestyle model that could represent and guide us, to unblock this creative energy that would bring us to unknown places.


I like to use textures and play around with materials and colors; this creative process brings me back to my childhood and to that place where the process takes control over my thoughts, and it feels as a free creative energy.

At this particular moment of my journey as a painter, I'm focusing more on the process rather than on the object. I like to use the spatula to create textures and experiment with color combinations. I'm working for improvisation, trying to be the colors and textures that guide me, without thinking too much about the result. This process allows me to create and destroy all the time without limiting myself to a particular shape or figure.


I'm moving into vivid bright colors; they bring me closer to nature and help me to connect with my inner self from the joy and optimism, with faith that everything will be fine as long as we are moved by our creativity.