Cristina Castañeda (1977) is a self taught artist from Barcelona (Spain). 

She started painting and creating as a child, becoming her favourite games and entertainment. Specially during holidays in the family's country's side house, she would spend hours playing with charcoals, acrylics and building little monsters with the raw clay grabbed directly from the mountains. Maybe that's the main reason why she still loves playing with materials and creating textures on her paintings. 


After several years developing a career in business, in parallel to her artistic growth, a life-changing experience reoriented Cristina's attention to a self development and spiritual path, which has also been reflected in her latest years of painting.


Artistic education:

  • Lectures from the catalan painter A. G. Llobet. 2004 - 2014
  • Postgraduate studies in Illustration (Escola BAU, Barcelona). 2011
  • Drawing course by Marta Marugan (Escola Massana, Barcelona). 2011
  • Illustration Book course by Rafa Castañer (Barcelona). 2010
  • Introduction to Abstract painting by Rebeca Morris (NYC). 2010
  • Collage by Yi Chen (NYC) and Gerlind Zeilner (Wien). 2009
  • Street Painting by Monika Baer (Berlin). 2009


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